13 Ways to Celebrate With the Money You Saved Shopping For Free Car Insurance Quotes Online

13 Ways to Celebrate With the Money You Saved Shopping For Free Car Insurance Quotes Online

What can you do with $100 more? $200? $1,000? You can save as much as $1,000 per year by getting free quotes online for car insurance.

Most people shift their money around to pay other bills, instead of rewarding themselves as they should. Why not have some fun while saving money? These 13 great ideas will help you relax, enjoy your savings and have fun while you shop for car insurance online.

1) Host a pool party with 15 of your closest friends. If you own the pool, the only thing you need to purchase is food. Unless Jack is your friend, you can save $200 by shopping online for car insurance at lower rates. Caviar is not something anyone wants when they’re swimming in the pool. They start to wonder …)

2) Finally, take that cross-country flight you have been promising yourself for years and never made it happen.

3) Get wild at the local antiques marketplace!

4) Have your best friend’s wedding shower in a different location than your living room. It is best to host the shower somewhere other than your living room.

5) Increase the RAM on your laptop

6) Get more cowbells!

7) Learn how you can scuba dive.

8) Choose a bike. You’ll be able to get free online quotes for car insurance and enjoy regular exercise. You can save more if you drive less.

9) Start your own crafting company.

10) Purchase a one-way ticket to Europe, and change your name. You can then live your entire life as a sheepherder in the Swiss Alps.

11.) Make a dinghy from scrap wood. This is the only way to make this affordable for less than $1,000. You may also want to use your savings to pay for the boatbuilding class.

12) Make a down payment for a car that won’t give off black smoke or die as soon as you pull it out of your driveway.

13) Finally, pop the question. You have no excuses if you can afford the ring.


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