Car Insurance For Ladies – Why Do They Get Lower Premiums?

Car Insurance For Ladies – Why Do They Get Lower Premiums?

When it comes to getting the best car insurance, gender does matter. Although it is being challenged, most insurers still consider gender when calculating premiums. Women are less likely to be drivers than men, and DUI and accidents statistics consistently show that male drivers take more risks driving than their female counterparts. There are three areas that generally indicate women drivers are safer than men drivers: speeding, DUI and accidents.

Special packages are available for female drivers looking for car insurance. You will be able to compare the quotes from different insurers and find one that provides reasonable coverage for your cat. It also has very reasonable rates and terms. What makes female drivers more likely to get car insurance premium rates that are lower?

Less likely to be in an accident – Insurers say that women are less likely to be involved in car accidents than men. In this way, insurers might not have to pay for claims from female customers. The same goes for men. Only a small percentage of women wear a seatbelt, which puts them at higher risk of injury and can lead to expensive medical bills.

Less speeding tickets Risky driving increases the chance of causing an accident and men seem to be more affected by speeding tickets than women. Fatal accidents involving speeding are more common in large numbers of men than they are for women. Women have a distinct advantage in terms of lower car insurance premiums.

Car preference Car type is a key factor in car insurance rates. Men tend to choose models that are more expensive to insure than women. Although insurers will consider safety ratings and claims history for the car make and model you drive, premiums have been higher for women because they tend to drive cars that are cheaper to insure. When choosing a car, women tend to focus more on cost and convenience than men. Men are more focused on image and making a statement by selecting the right type of car.

Less DUI cases – Women are not twice as likely to be arrested for impaired driving offenses than men. Important to remember that DUI convictions have a significant impact on insurance premiums. They can cause them to rise significantly after a DUI conviction. Insurers are aware that only a few women will be convicted of DUI, while others have clean records. This results in lower car insurance rates.

Car insurance rates are influenced by driving records. A safe driving record can lower rates for both genders. Some insurers offer policies based on gender and risks. Women can still enjoy very affordable rates.

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