Insurance Leads: How to Find Profitable Leads to Boost Your Business

Insurance Leads: How to Find Profitable Leads to Boost Your Business

Insurance agents are increasingly integrating insurance leads into their businesses in recent years. This is a cost-effective and efficient way to increase clientele and retire cold-calling.

When you are looking to purchase insurance leads, it is important to distinguish the good from the poor and to only buy leads from providers that deliver. Here are some tips to help you do this.

The Basics of Insurance: The Insurance Lead

Consumers log on to different websites in search of the best insurance quotes. The Web site stores the information that the consumer provides (generated via an insurance lead application), and then it categorizes it and sells it to an agent. This allows the agent to connect with consumers looking for insurance.

Avoiding Substandard Leads

A trusted, experienced lead provider is the best way for you to make sure that your leads are converted into sales. Before buying leads from a provider, be sure to check for these characteristics:


    • Accuracy and Precision

While no technology can prevent 100 percent of consumers from misrepresenting the facts on a lead form, reputable companies will have a sound database that filters out leads containing generic names (Pee Wee Herman), phone numbers (999-9999) and addresses–collecting only the leads that are serious about finding insurance.

    • Real-time Delivery

Experts believe that a lead’s value drops after 48 hours. This means that a consumer may lose interest in buying a policy or finding coverage from a competitor who meets their needs. You should only use services that deliver real-time leads, which means that they are sent as soon as the consumer has completed the lead form. This allows you to reach them while they are still interested.

    • Filtering Options

A wide range of filters is available to lead providers that can help clients filter out leads with pre-existing conditions, DUI convictions, and only target leads that are acceptable to the insurer. Although filters are not free, it is a great way to get qualified leads.

Take sales to new heights


It is important to understand how providers obtain leads. Also, what steps they take in order to ensure your leads are qualified. You’d be better off spending your money elsewhere if a provider does not offer accurate, timely leads or allows you to apply filters to your leads.

Research reputable leads companies, and stop relying upon intrusive sales tactics such as cold-calling or door-to-door solicitation. It’s easy to increase your business and client base without traditional sales methods. All you have to do is get in touch with people who are interested in your services.


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