Seven Strange Stories Where Travel Insurance Paid Out

Seven  Strange Stories Where Travel Insurance Paid Out

It is a good idea, before you sign anything, to carefully read all the terms and conditions of any group or family travel insurance. This will help you understand what you are covered for and what you aren’t.

There are however some bizarre events that cannot be described in detail. Here are seven examples of some of the more bizarre ones that were paid out.

1. Falling Coconuts: A Sri Lankan traveller was hurt by a fallen coconut on her head. She was fortunate enough to have insurance. This is a common problem in tropical areas, and is why you will often see de-nutted coconut tree lines along the beaches of hotels and resorts.

2. Buried Treasure – Two children from Cornwall, who were well-intentioned, decided to protect their parents’ video camera by digging it up in the sand. The insurers paid the same amount, even though they forgot the location. It’s possible to add your gadgets to your family travel insurance, particularly if they are expensive enough.

3. Rampaging Rodents: One contributor to shared the story of how a client lost his arm while cycling to work. Why? He was chased by a herd of guineapigs! Local farmer supported his story by telling him how his daughter’s escapee guinea-pigs were bred to plague-like proportions. Although you won’t be run over by guineapigs, animals can pose danger to your safety when you travel abroad, large or small.

4. Hungry Rhinos- An Australian traveller to Africa offered his assistance at a local zoo. The poor man was left with a broken finger after a rhinoceros ate his finger. It’s important to not underestimate animals, no matter if they are wild or at a zoo.

5. Fatal Attraction: A young Briton was struck in the nose by a group of women in bikinis while crossing into Athens bus shelter. His insurance company paid him out, and he claimed that he was distracted in the middle of a group of bikini-clad women. It pays to be honest in these situations, even though it can be problematic for spouses when it comes to family travel insurance.

6. Best Foot Forward – In Fiji, a traveller was trying spear fishing. He mistook his foot for a fish and then what happened? This case involved a provider who was kind enough to pay for the accident. If they were less reliable, it would have been easy for them to dismiss it as self-inflicted.

7. No-Show Snow– A woman eager to try her new skis on the slope filed for a payment from her insurance company due to a lack of snow at her arrival. You may be covered by certain providers for events such as horseback riding or skiing. It is worth looking at the contract to determine if your trip will be covered.

These stories may sound strange, but they did happen. If something as bizarre happens to you, you’ll be grateful for single or family travel insurance.


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