Ten Reasons Shopping For Auto Insurance Quotes Online is So Much Better Than Getting a Root Canal

Ten Reasons Shopping For Auto Insurance Quotes Online is So Much Better Than Getting a Root Canal

Nobody ever says, “I would really love to clear my schedule so I can get root canal this week.” You’ll hear a lot more complaining, moaning, and groaning. It’s not unusual for people to talk like this when discussing auto insurance quotes.

I am here to inform you that the root canal is not on America’s Top 10 Worst Things to Do with Your Time. You can find auto insurance quotes online. (No, it’s not a list. However, if it were, I’m sure the root canal would rank right up there with natural childbirth and sitting for days with only water and chocolate-covered ants.

How can I tell? You can count on me to give you 10 reasons why I would rather shop for auto insurance than wait for the dentist to start drilling.

1. Online shopping for insurance doesn’t have to be painful. It’s not like this to put off your dental care for the rest of you life.

2. The dentist will continue to have a conversation with your, regardless of whether or not you speak. You can relax in your favorite chair, with your laptop and a cup of coffee, and shop in quiet, peaceful silence if you are at home.

3. You can always reschedule your online shopping for auto insurance quotes if you aren’t feeling well. If you do this with a root canal, they will charge you cancellation fees that will make it difficult to find your way home. (Before I get piles upon piles of hateful emails, I want to tell you that not all oral surgeons can be this cruel. However, there are enough to make the comparison!

4. Root canals can cost up to $600 per person. It is easy to find auto insurance quotes online.

5. It is possible to eat while shopping for insurance. You’ll love the idea of “hating your life” if you do this after a root canal.

6. It doesn’t mean you have to believe your oral surgeon will give you the right drugs to ease the pain while you shop for insurance online. Many surgeons will send their patients home with Ibuprofen and a pat on the back. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it doesn’t.

7. Online shopping for auto insurance quotes can be arranged around your schedule.

8. You can customize your auto insurance policy to meet your needs and preferences. Tell your dentist how you want to do your job, and he will be a laughing stock.

9. There are 50+ companies competing to insure the same pool of drivers that need auto insurance. You don’t have to be at their mercy.

10. The power of the internet community means that you can have a fighting chance to win when you shop for auto insurance online. A root canal is the best treatment you can get.

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